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Bulk SMS Kuwait

SMS messaging is still the most efficient and personal way to communicate today. Consider the following: On average, it takes 6 seconds to deliver a message which is then read within 5 minutes by more than 90% of recipients.
If you are looking to advertise products, send business notifications or alerts; immediate delivery of a critical message or alert to feature phone or smartphone; there is no better solution available than Dezsms Bulk SMS.

Our user friendly SMS portal : allows you to send a single or mass text messages to any mobile phone using your web browser. There is no software to install, just login to your account online.Organisations and businesses can slash communication costs by using sms as a communications medium with staff, clients and members.

No Software Requirements

SMS Manager is totally web based, which means there is no software to crash your computer. All you need is a web browser and Internet access.

Manage SMS Contacts

Save contacts, set up groups to manage your contacts. Send to the groups that you have setup in a matter of seconds.

Message Scheduling

Schedule SMS delivery at predetermined times. Use our scheduler to send yourself sms reminders for appointments or important dates. You can’t get on your computer when that SMS campaign needs to be sent, no problems just schedule the message.

Message history

History of all outgoing SMS messages to keep track of your marketing campaigns.